About Me

A photo of me on a rock

I am a computer programmer based in Sydney, Australia, currently working at SiteMinder as Principal Engineer on the Multi-Property product.

Contact / Social Media

Email: alex@alexgilleran.com
Github: AlexGilleran
Twitter: @AlexGilleran
LinkedIn: Alex Gilleran

Notable Projects

SiteMinder Multi-Property

Siteminder Multi-Property allows hotel chains to manage Siteminder's functionality and consume its insights efficiently across their portfolios. It's built using Node, VueJS, MySQL, Kinesis and Lambda.

Screenshot of Siteminder Multi-Property

Hills Carpal

A platform for connecting shut-in seniors and drivers who are able to drive them to their appointments, written using NextJS and MySQL. A long-term Random Hacks of Kindness project for Hills Community Aid.

Screenshot of Hills Carpal

Magda Data Catalog

Magda is an open-source data catalog intended to relieve problems around data cataloguing and discovery in large organisations, particularly the Australian Government. It's developed as a microservices application that runs on top of Kubernetes, and makes use of Typescript, Scala, Postgres and ElasticSearch. Currently, Magda is the software that powers the front page of data.gov.au, serving 10-20,000 users every week.

Screenshot of data.gov.au


NicheTester was a tool designed for testing out niche online business ideas, consisting of a business canvas generator that feeds into a landing page generator, built using Next.js and Firebase.

Screenshot of NicheTester

JSX Control Statements

JSX Control Statements is a babel plugin that adds conventional templating control statements (If, For, When) to React's JSX. Although it's a bit obsolete in the world of Create React App and ubiquitous typescript, it's gotten over 1200 Github stars.


TerriaJS is a library for building geospatial data explorers on top of a 3D globe powered by Cesium. It's for a range of applications, most notably on Australia's National Map.

Screenshot of National Map


IceSoap is a library for Android that enables easy communication with SOAP-based web services - currently with 77 Github stars.

Watch Me Grow

Watch Me Grow was a simple web application to enable earlier detection of early development difficulties in children, by distribution questionnaires to parents and advising them to see their pediatrician if there was any concern with the answers.


HIIT Me is an Android app for timing High Intensity Interval Training workouts - it enabled custom programs to be created, which are then read out via text-to-speech, so that the user can be prompted as to what they should do as they listen to music.